John Barnes - Bio

Four Generations of Building Knowledge!!

Four generations of construction where quality and craftsmanship have been core…."the houses my Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Father built are still standing strong today!"

Our Director John Barnes has grown up on building sites, physically helping his Dad renovate many homes whilst living in them from an early age. Being taught the importance of pride in your work with sayings such as “measure twice, cut once” still ringing in his ear today.

Opposite is a picture of John working on a Barn Conversion in Devon, UK at the tender age of 12.

  • The Nook
  • Roof carpentry
  • Staircase
  • Staircase 2
  • Oak garage
  • Oak extension and reno
  • Oak extension
  • Oak extension roof
  • Oak extension elevation
  • Oak close up
  • New build single storey
  • Oak bi folds
  • Front elevation
  • Cedar clad front elevation
  • frame

    Shortly after leaving high school John worked for a building company & learned the art of Plastering. Within a few short years he was managing a team of Plasterers before moving onto further education and gaining various qualifications, such as a Chartered Institute of Builders Level 5 in Project Management and a Diploma in Construction.

    For twelve years John and his wife Sabrina successfully ran a general building company.  They undertook projects of all sizes, from renovations to new builds and extensions.  They worked on three to four hundred year old properties, preserving and exposing as many features as possible to new and contemporary styles.

    Since moving to WA some years ago John has been a Building Site Supervisor for several residential project home builders. He has built over 250 homes in Perth, Rockingham, Secret Harbour & Mandurah. However something was wrong…..John didn’t like that the main focus was speed & numbers with quality & customer service coming in further down the list of priorities.


    Finally, Heritage Designer Homes was born.

    Servicing Perth, Mandurah, Secret Harbour & the South West. The aim is to provide the highest quality of customer service and quality workmanship.

    At Heritage Designer Homes You will not be passed from department to department or have several supervisors picking up where they last left off. Clients have John’s direct contact number throughout the construction process to ensure they have peace of mind and any issues get rectified as soon as they may arise.

    Overheads are low in comparison to project builders so Heritage Designer Homes offer high quality products to add more value to your home.

    Contact John directly for a friendly chat.

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