Energy Efficient Construction

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UPVC Double Glazing

UPVC double glazing is a fantastic investment for your new home.  UPVC double glazing will reduce your home running costs by insulating the property with its Argon filled glass units. UPVC double glazing also have multiple locking points on each opening to increase your home's security immensely.

They also come in many colours and styles to create the perfect look to your home.

  • Timber Frame
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    Timber Frame Construction

    Do you find it frustrating sitting right beside your gas fire in the winter, only for your home to be freezing cold 5 minutes after turning it off? Or on a 40 degree summers day you have your AC running only for your home to be unbearably hot a few minutes after turning it off?

    Using methods of construction such as timber frame gives the opportunity to maximise insulation.

    This will help maintain the internal temperature of your home whatever that temperature may be.  This is also a very good method to use to reduce external noise pollution. Timber frame can also speed up the overall build process.

    Energy Efficiency By Design